I was born in May 23, 1970 in Havana city, Cuba. Naturalized American I live in Miami,
Florida. Passionate about movies and visual arts like drawing, paintings and graphic
designs, practicing by myself with just little resources in that beautiful Caribbean
island that experience the failure of an immature social system with a government
that drifts away stubbornly.
I coursed basic studies like the majority of my friends in the neighbourhood,
achieving years later an MD diploma inspired in my grandparents dedication and my
parents who I admire for their achievements .
Out of my country the jobs to sustain my family had been diverse and difficult like the
majority of the immigrants, having to learn different languages and cultures to
survive. Focus in the medical field I studied nursing in which I presently work helping
patient in their houses with their medicines, as well as terminal patients in hospice.
Lately I have found a new angle in my live that I didn’t know. I have had to read many
medicine books without thinking that one morning after awaking from a fantastic
dream I felt the necessity to reflect it in a paper writing my first sci-fi novel called “La
Madeja”, filled with action, adventure and romance. It brings a fresh story where
Dreaman was born, the dream’s hero. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.
I believe in the family, my wife Ivon and my three children, Elder, Emily and Edric that
bring me the strength to carry on. I believe In God that one day will free our souls
from the calcium cell-bars that contains it and awakes me up every morning saying to
do good things to others without losing the way and to stay focus where I want to go.
Elder J. Rodríguez
Photo by:
Susan Alvarez
My greatest desire is to bring Dreamman to the big screen or
television. I hope one day a producer will be interested in the hero
of dreams to make a film or a series. Infinite are the resources of
character to the millions of people with which he can interact while
they sleep.

The dreams and wishes are just that, hope feeds us but if we push
hard enough can become a reality. I am a dreamer and there's
nothing wrong with that, I enjoy what I do and especially if I have
been moved by the engine of passion and desire to help in any way
possible to our relief in this land and not always have the
opportunity to grow.

Not only doctors can save lives, you too can in various ways. I
chose mine to try to make from Dreamman an icon that help fight
childhood cancer, a drop of hope for the less fortunate who do not
have the health benefits that we have.

I want to at least try to bring my voice beyond what my ears can
hear and promote this dream that God has placed in my hands to let
the people know that the sum of many small efforts can make a
huge one.